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When I saw a call for entries for my friend Lauren's next zine, Total Trash, I knew I wanted to participate. The subject of the zine is disposable cameras. I got my photos developed later last week and when looking at the negatives, noticed that the local Walgreens didn’t actually print all of…

Check out how Mark Eberhardt made some radical work which he submitted to our zine!

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Ack! I’ve been out of town for a few days, which means that I am slacking on the International Zine Month posts! Not to worry, I’ve been keeping up with IZM in the offline world. Here’s a superpost.  

July 1: Here is my list of top 10 reasons why I love zines from the 1st. 

1. Accessibility. Most zines are available to the public at little to no cost, not to mention through zine libraries, enabling everybody to be able to access them and their content.  I love this about zines.

2. Aesthetic. I adore the aesthetics, or visual style, of zines, especially those early handmade cut and paste zines. I don’t know how many times looking at other zines has expanded my idea of what looks good on a page. No two zines are made the same, which leaves a lot of room for a lot of awesome looking things to happen. 

3. Sharing. Making zines enables you to share things with people. Stories, thoughts, experiences, photographs, illustrations, etc. Through this, you are expressing yourself as well as allowing others to gain insight into your world, and maybe a little into their world as well. This aspect allows zines to change the world, to change peoples minds, to allow people to expand and grow just through the simple exposure to another person’s perspective on the world. 

4. Community Building. Creating zines with others and sharing your zines with others allows for the creation of a community through which other things are created. Bike lanes, murals, show spaces, zine libraries.. The possibilities are endless. 

5. Friendship. Zines allow us to bridge gaps made by location, age, etc, exposing the fact that friendships (penpals, etc) are possible to be shared between anyone, regardless of all of those other aspects that really don’t make a diff.

6. Stress Relief. Creating zines, much like creating anything else, for me is a great stress reliever. It allows me to break down and unleash all the little emotions that hole themselves up inside of my mind from time to time. Writing is wonderful, ripping things apart and reassembling them is powerful. This fits into my life’s motto, that there is beauty in the dirt of life. 

7. Feminism. I’ve learned a lot about feminism through zines. I’ve read things that have made me do a fist pump and I’ve read things that I didn’t understand a damn thing about before reading a zine, I’ve also read things that have challenged my beliefs and understandings. I’ve had my mind expanded by zines and the radical possibilities of pleasure, babe. 

8. Education. Zines allow us to educate others. Much like sharing, zines allow us to teach others the things that we’ve learned ourselves. Without zines, we would not be able to pass as much information on to so many others. 

9. Fun! I hope I don’t have to explain fun to you. 

10. Deconstruct/Rebuild. Making zines (esp cut and paste zines) allow you to use all of that crap you have laying around to make something new. 

July 2: I re-read As You Were #1: House Shows. Pick up yr own copy here

July 3:  I just bought a ton of zines from Stranger Danger Distro. Support them here.

July 4: I unfortunately do not have any of my copies of Fight Boredom here with me, as they are all at my father’s house in Monaca, PA. You should check out the Fight Boredom Zine Distro though.

July 5: I didn’t learn a new skill but I did learn about a zine friend/predecessor, the chapbook

Until tomorrow, zine friends! xo - Lauren

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